About The#1AcePhotog


I insist that meaningful photography stands as a story in a single image. Although "series" have their place, any image that is "Wow!" will stand alone and tell a story (not necessarily the same story to all viewers). "That Moment" refers to HCB's Decisive Moment. There's been a lot of writing lately that there's too many pictures, too many photographers, and too little imperativeness. "MY 4 year old_______ (child, grandchild, goldfish, etc) can take that!" They're right. Technology is such that anyone can (and should be able to) take a great photo. But, any photo that is to be distinguished from snapshots and more mundane image-taking, must convey a story beyond a scene while using the principles of great art. That is what I will endeavor to do in this photoblog.

Photography Equipment

Canon G12